Centraya - 100 % Swiss made

Centraya is a product of e3 CSS AG, Zurich in Switzerland. Both, the development as well as support, take place in Zurich. Swissness is our promise to quality and our daily inducement.
Our location in Switzerland provides us with the necessary neutrality and security towards secret services and other governmental organizations, that have an increased interest towards data.
As a European provider we take in an exceptional position in a market that is dominated completely by US providers.

Our location is only one of our many other arguments. Centraya convinces with its innovative technology.

Thanks to our mother

e3 CSS AG is part of the e3 Group Switzerland. Since 2000 e3 has been engaged with Enterprise Business Protection – with Consulting, Development and Turn-Key Solutions. e3 has made a name for itself in the areas of Data Loss Prevention, strategic Consulting and Business Analysis.

The Centraya team profits from its wealth of experience.  That´s how we have been creating a Cloud Access Security Broker since 2014 – a product that definitely does not need to hide from its competitors.
A special thanks goes to Thomas Fürling, CEO of the e3 Group, that came up with the first idea about Centraya in 2012.

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