Secure Loyalty Programs

Collecting points when paying with a credit card. Consumer’s favorite sport.  The Loyalty Program Partner is not allowed to gain access to the credit card data. The Primary Account Number (PAN) is required to be encrypted or tokenized. Centraya protects the PAN and makes collecting points a joyfull and secure procedure.

PAN Tokenization on the way into the DC

A credit card issuing company stores the credit card data in a highly secure data center of a global bank. Efficient and secure. The global bank has no share in the credit card issuer and needs to be treated as a third party. As a result the Primary Account Numbers (PAN) needs to be replaced with a token. Tokens have to be random with no relation to the original PAN.
Using tokenization the PAN never leaves the network of the credit card issuer. Data protection based on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard made by Centraya.