Complaints Management cloud based

A producer of Life Science products sells skin protection creams. In rare cases allergic skin irritations can happen. The end users complaints are then managed in Salesforce. Legally the separation of personally identifiable data and health related data is mandatoy – that´s why they use Centraya to encrypt the health information.

End useres can use web forms or emails to raise their complaints. The complaints will be automatically allocated to a case in Salesforce. Centraya supports the automated allocation to case with strongly encrypted health records.

HR administration cloud based

A lot of companies are using cloud based HR solutions. It offers employees an efficient access to their master data or an easy way to apply for vacation. Personally identifiable data need to be protected according to Data Privacy Acts of quite a few countries. Centraya protects this data with strong protection mechanisms. No more access to the data by administrators, hackers or secret services.

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