Data Privacy for Cloud Applications

Customer Relationship Management, HR Management and calendar can easily be consumed from the cloud. Multiple regulative requirements by country and industry enforce the protection of personally or customer identifiable information. Centraya encrypts sensitive information at a field level and ensures compliance to the regulatory requirements.
Centraya is a central gateway solution that can be used in multiple ways:
– On premise: within the DMZ
– hosted: in the cloud

Centraya supports private, hybrid and public clouds.

As a gateway solution Centraya is completely transparent for the end user – just work with cloud applications as always.

Protection Domain

Centraya is delivered ready to use with all necessary protection mechanisms. All encryption keys are generated by the customer and only the customer owns the keys. All keys are automatically managed by Centraya.
The unique Protection Domain Technology enables customers to automate the creation of encryption keys. Example: the customer chooses to use a key per employee and field in Salesforce. Traditional Cloud Access Security Broker operate with one key for everything in this scenario. Let´s assume 100 employees are using 10 protected fields – Centraya generates and manages 1.000 keys for that.

That lifts the customer to a significantly higher security level.

High Performance Security

Our goal: using Centraya should not slow down the use of cloud applications more than the blink of an eye. We want to be faster than 300 ms encrypting and decrypting data on its way to and from the cloud.

Data privacy is not sexy but shouldn´t be painful either. It is essential that users don´t even recognize that additional security is applied.

Centraya - Standard Deployment der Virtuellen Appliance

Ease of Use

Enterprise Staging

Introducing a Cloud Access Security Brokers is a phased project. From testing to production. Centraya allows you to take all tested and approved settings and move it to the production system – smart enterprise staging is admins best friend.

Profile Generator

Centraya uses profiles per protected cloud application. The Inspection Mode assists customers to easily create these profiles themselves: define the application that should be protected, surf all fields in this application, select the fields that require protection, select the protection mechanism. Done. Fast, efficient, secure.

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